Our designs differ from project to project depending on the individual nature of each one!


Even the large scale planning and development projects we have been involved in have special character due to the locations and demands of the locale and market. How those projects evolve and yield a unique quality each time is quite an experience. 

The Design Process

James M. Webb, Architect AIA

Each of our Projects is Custom Designed to fit a Specific Site, Program and Client!


Each and every property is different, as are the client needs and program requirements for a successful project. Pulling together all of these parameters makes for a unique solution to the process. 

Design Ideas

Every project is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing.

Dozens, maybe hundreds, of ideas may be necessary to  arrive at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that has to be taken seriously. 

  • Start with a clear understanding of the parameters and limitations of the existing site.
  • Evaluate physical and economic options for development. 
  • Select an option that takes you in the right direction. 
  • Set realistic scheduling goals including milestones and contingencies for continuing and completing the project. 
  • Understand and implement clear governmental agency processing and approval procedures as part of the overall process.
  • Know where you are in the process, and where you are going, at all times. 
  • Commit to a "Get It Done" Attitude!